Is Penny board good for beginners?

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Penny is a type of mini plastic boards that are widely used by many kids and newbies alike.


What makes this board good for beginners is its simple design and durability. Penny board usually doesn’t have two kicktails, making it easy for beginners to cruise.


Also, although it is made from plastic, it is durable enough so beginners can use it many times over to practice their skills.


Wait no longer and let’s check out this company and the best products for newbies!


Penny Board Australia

the Original Penny and the Nickel Board

Penny is actually a brand originated in Australia. However, due to its incredible quality, the board has gained immense popularity in one of the most difficult markets, the US.


Penny has over 12 years of experience making quality, high performance, and ultra fun skateboards.


They are the go-to expert when it comes to cruiser boards. All of the basics of the boards are well done. Everything is just so well put together that you can just feel it right in your hands.


With such dedication, the final product is always awesome right under your feet. It’s not exaggerating when we say almost every kid in America owns one or two Penny boards.

Penny Board Key Features


Penny boards come in 4 different sizes for different needs. Here is all you need to know about the sizes.


This is the shortest board of them all. It’s the perfect transportation that fits perfectly in a backpack. The board is also lightweight and portable. If you’re a beginner that wants an easy ride, then the 22-inch is perfect for you. Many parents get this size for their kids as well.


This slightly longer size is also good for beginners if they want a bit more stability on the board. Thanks to the longer surface, you have more room to balance yourself on. Plus, you can practice some tricks on this longer Penny board.


The 32-inch is the most versatile board you can get. It’s perfect for doing tricks like popping up curbs, grinding or just cruising. It’s good for growing-up kids or teenagers. Taller beginners can choose this size for themselves.


We’re moving to the Penny longboard category. If you love an easy, relaxed ride, then the 36-inch longboard can definitely deliver. For boardwalk bombers and cruisers, you can practice and take your skills up to another level.

Signature Waffle Top Deck

The Retrospec Zed Bamboo Cruiser Skateboard

Penny boards have a signature waffle top deck. Simply understood, the waffle top deck looks just like the top surface of a waffle.

What this design does is help protect the riders from slipping. This is so important for beginners because their balance may not be very good at all.

Thanks to this design, the need for extra grip tape is minimum. That’s another plus because newbies don’t really want to spend time removing or applying new tape. Most want to have fun with the board right out of the box.

Mini Kicktail

When you’re looking at a Penny board, you’ll often see one mini kicktail at the other end of the board. For beginners who want to do tricks on their boards, this kicktail can help.

Another function that makes it cool is you can stop the board by stepping on the kicktail. You can then pick it up with your hands easily.

Although the kicktail is there, it won’t interrupt your cruising. You can keep cruising very easily on the Penny board.


Many users rate Penny’s bearings very highly. You usually get ABEC 7 or ABEC 9 bearings. What this means, simply, is the precision of those bearing balls.

The more precise they are made, the better they perform. The better they perform, the more exciting your ride will be.

Bearings with a higher ABEC number also tend to last longer and roll much faster. This is good for newbies who need to practice for long hours.


The VOLADOR 42inch Freeride Longboard

Many Penny boards’ wheels are in the 80A durometer. In this range, the wheels are soft and offer a good amount of grip.

Thanks to this, you’ll be able to cruise effortlessly over bumpy roads or uneven surfaces. The wheels are pretty big as well, which gives you more stability.


Penny boards’ trucks are often powder-coated. This means they won’t get rusted easily when come in contact with water like rain or mud.

Thanks to this layer of protection, you can ride your board for a long time without worrying about maintenance or the ugly rust building up on your precious board.

Penny Boards For Beginners

After seeing some of the highlight features, it’s time have some fun picking the best Penny boards for beginners. Here we have a selection that can fit many riders’ needs. Check it out!

Penny Australia x Star Wars Complete Skateboards

The Atom Drop Deck Longboard

Star Wars hard core fans? Good news, this Penny board with exclusive Star Wars graphics is meant for you.

First of all, it’s awesome for beginners because we don’t need to do anything. The board ships already assembled. Yay!

All we need to focus on is taking the board out and having fun with it. You can choose between the 22-inch and the 27-inch. As we talked about earlier, if you like something lightweight and portable, then choose the shorter size. If you love something a bit more stable, then go for the longer one.

The ABEC 7 stainless steel bearings will also be a great partner on your journey. Everything is so well put together with a lifetime warranty.

Well, the only downside is the price. Compared to the average market price, Penny boards in general are more expensive. That said, if you think it’s worth it, it’s going to be worth every dollar.

Penny Skateboards Longboard V2 Blackout

The SCSK8 Blank & Stained Longboard

Want a smooth, stable ride around town or campus? Then, check out this V2 longboard right here.

Upgraded from the previous version, this Version 2 longboard has everything a rider ever need for the fastest, safest, and most fun ride.

It features reverse king pin arrangement to help you control the board easily, even if you’re just starting out.

Big 66mm wheels will give you more stability when cruising or racing. Thanks to the powder-coated trucks, you don’t have to deal with the rust build-up issue. Truly amazing!

What some users complain about is the knock-off products they get from some sellers. Be very careful when buying and only choose the official sellers.


The Landyachtz Chief Longboard

Battleship 32"

If you want a simple board just for cruising, then this Penny board is a good selection.

Unlike other models, this one has a bullet shaped deck. It also has two kicktails for the most versatile cruising.

The wheels on this Battleship is pretty hard. With harder wheels, you’ll be able to cruise much faster and smoother.

The 5-inch trucks allow you to do turning and carving most easily on the board. Overall, this is a beginner-friendly Penny board that’s worth checking out more. It’s truly multi-functional.

How Much Does A Penny Board Cost?

You’ve seen all the great features and models, the last question you may have in mind is how much a Penny board costs.

The most straightforward answer is that Penny boards in general cost over $100. We understand, as we already told you, this is above the average market price.

But for the quality and performance they offer, all we can say is it is worth each and every dollar spent.


Hope this post has answered your question. If you’re considering if Penny boards are good for beginners, then do yourself a favor and go try it out. Not only do they have excellent performance, but the company also gets you covered with full warranty. The only left for us to say is have fun & enjoy your ride!