About Us

About Subliminal Skateboard Park

Welcome to Subliminal Skateboard Park! This is the fun playground for all skateboard lovers from all over the world. We gather here to discuss all the hottest news about skateboarding & provide newbies with high-quality information about the best products on the market.

What Makes Us Different

Among thousands of skateboarding pages, we stand out from the rest because:

SSP provides accurate insights that are based from real-world experience & well-researched information.

Unlike some sites who don’t give a damn about their users, we actually interact with our users to see what their struggles are and how we can further help them.

Every single member of our team respects viewer’s feedback & tries our best to apply what we’ve learned to benefit the readers.

Now, how about we meet some of our core team members?

John M. Bell, Founder

Hi guys, my name is John M. Bell. I create SSP with the hope to provide a great, sort of, online skate park where skateboarders can hang together, share the best tips, and just have fun. I hope you will find something useful or helpful from the blog. Check out our product reviews if you’re a newbie looking for your first board ever.

Cathy J. Toupin, Expert Reviewer

Hello everyone, I’m Cathy J. Toupin. I do many of the review stuff on this blog. My number one priority is to give you guys, our awesome readers, the best of the best information. No “shit-ake” mushroom will ever get passed my eyes. If you’re having issues with your board, don’t worry because we will help you out with our in-depth tutorials. Thanks & take care!