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Penny is a type of mini plastic boards that are widely used by many kids and newbies alike.


What makes this board good for beginners is its simple design and durability. Penny board usually doesn’t have two kicktails, making it easy for beginners to cruise.


Also, although it is made from plastic, it is durable enough so beginners can use it many times over to practice their skills.


Wait no longer and let’s check out this company and the best products for newbies!


Penny Board Australia

the Original Penny and the Nickel Board

Penny is actually a brand originated in Australia. However, due to its incredible quality, the board has gained immense popularity in one of the most difficult markets, the US.


Penny has over 12 years of experience making quality, high performance, and ultra fun skateboards.


They are the go-to expert when it comes to cruiser boards. All of the basics of the boards are well done. Everything is just so well put together that you can just feel it right in your hands.


With such dedication, the final product is always awesome right under your feet. It’s not exaggerating when we say almost every kid in America owns one or two Penny boards.